Blast From My Facebook's past

Back in March of this year (2015), I posted a Facebook status. 

The beginning of this week I began feeling incredibly overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate. It was today the Lord reminded me of what he impressed on me back in the Spring. I originally meant that status to encourage others. Now I'm glad I wrote it, because I needed the encouragement myself. 

I mention in the status that I wasn't sure if it would cultivate into something more. Well, here it is. It cultivated to a blog. I guess I'm plagerizing myself. I think that's considered okay, though. 

Here's the status: 

For the last week or two the Lord has been impressing something on me, and I've been wanting to put it into words somehow. Facebook probably isn't the ideal way to do it... so maybe it'll cultivate into something more, but here it goes.

In the past few years as I've been growing in the Lord more and more I find that I go through seasons of what the Lord impresses on me, and I find that to be true for most believers who actively seek Him. Looking back I can remember when those "season" first started happening, the most recent ones were " the importance and true meaning of Love", within the last year it was "the importance of community and church".

I think in the past couple of months the gears have changed to something a little different. Only today have I realized it's a constant lesson I'm being taught. Not only that, it's something I'm seeing an incredible amount of people struggle with. Believers, non-believers, friends, students, workers, all different walks of life. I see statuses, have conversations, hear prayer requests, and all of them contain the same word: "OVERWHELMED". Worry, stress, anxiousness, it's getting a grip on so many lives, mine included, and it won't let go.

I know for me I found myself losing joy, I tend to grind my teeth in my sleep when worry starts to sink in. About things I have no control over to begin with, the future. Thankfully, over the last couple weeks I think I've slowly been drawn out of it. It's a struggle to not worry for me, because it's a part of my nature that I have to fight. But it's only now that I see, I as look back on my own struggle with it, that stress is wrong. Stress is not from God. It is a lack of faith, it is a lack of joy, it is a lack of trust in God. It is, when it gets right down to it, sin.

With that said, life is hard. No denying it. There are many things that would seemingly warrant worry, stress, anxiousness. But we have to combat it to the best of our abilities. Not with medicine, not with counseling, not with self-seeking... but by finding joy in the Lord. Truly trusting Him. Then by engaging in our community and those around us who do life with us. This is especially true for believers, because we KNOW these things, it's a lack of faith if we let it overtake us.

So, in so many words, the Lord has been impressing on me in this season of life to be "overwhelmed by the joy of the Lord, and not by worry", and it's something I feel a LOT of people in this time of life right now could use.