Real Estate - An Unexpected Journey

Similar to a Hobbit, I'm not overly adventurous and don't do many things that are unexpected.  I want everything to be the same. Black and white. I'm generally content to stay in the same place because I know it's safe. 

I'm also short like a Hobbit, so there's that.

Six months ago I had never considered becoming a real estate agent. Now I am one. I guess you could say I'm on an adventure and that I'm doing many things that are altogether unexpected. 

This is the story of how I got to where I am over the past six months.

My entrepreneurial spirit has always existed, having been passed down through my family line. Only recently has it come to true fruition. Yet I had no idea what would develop from my recently kindled ambition. So I began brainstorming ideas for a unique business that would thrive downtown Greenville.  

Despite having what I felt like were respectable ideas, I found that the cons usually outweighed the pros. The cons generally being that it wouldn't make money, or would take too much start up money. Nonetheless, I knew in my gut that my current career in the ice cream business was nearing an end, and I couldn't explain why. 

During this time of brainstorming, two or three unconnected people had suggested to me, I forget who they were now, that I should consider real estate. I mostly shrugged off the idea, but a seed had been planted in my mind.

Fast forward to a couple months later.

One relatively slow night at Marble Slab I had an experience I'll never forget. I had just finished serving a couple and had begun restocking something, when my coworker who was ringing the couple up called me over. He told me that they wanted to talk to me. So I walk over, wondering what they were going to complain about. 

The lady looks at my and smiles and something I was not expecting at all, "Hi! So while you were serving us, I felt something. You see, I can sense the love of God in people, and I sense it in you." 

At this point I'm a bit uncomfortable. While I do love God with all of my heart, I usually take this kind of situation with a grain of salt. Sometimes people truly do have gifts like that, other times they are simply crazy. In this case, it ended up being the former. 

"I had a vision for you", she went on to say, "I saw a jack-in-the-box. It was unwinding until it popped up. Sometimes I know what these visions mean and sometimes I don't. In this case, for some reason I feel like the vision meant that you are looking for a new career, and it's going to pop up out of nowhere."

I was floored. Flabbergasted. I smiled and thanked her for having the courage to approach me and tell me what she had felt. The exchange continued for a couple more minutes before we went our separate ways. The rest of the evening I was reletivly lost in thought. 

Interestingly enough, my mom has been interested in home staging. I blame you, HGTV. Alongside of that, by dad had been interested in picking up a side job of real estate photography, to help Realtors sell their listings. With the seed of an idea to try real estate planted in my mind, the three of us scheduled a lunch date with the Realtor, Sarah, who helped my parents buy their condo. 

It was at this lunch where everything became clear. Clearer, at least. 

Sarah said, "I think you're thinking about going into real estate at a great time. If you're going to do it, do it now.

Do it now.

That resonated in me. I cannot explain it in any other way, than I felt that the Lord spoke through her, telling me to begin my journey. So I went home that afternoon, and applied for real estate licensure classes.

So there you have it. Here I am, a licensed real estate agent. 

A Realtor ™

This is only the beginning of my journey. The first blog of many. I've slain Smaug, also known as licensing classes. I then joined a great company, Keller Williams. 

Do you wonder what I have ahead of me? 

So do I.

Be sure to come here regularly for updates whatever my next unexpected adventure may be. I'm sure they'll be just as interesting tales.