This Is The New Me

"What is my community?"

"If I am going to influence and touch a community- what does it look like?" 

These are questions I have been asking myself as of late. My mindset and business strategy have taken a drastic paradigm shift. 

I like the approach that my local church, Summit Cherrydale, takes. They draw a 4 mile circle around their campus and then study every aspect of that circle's socio-economic geography. I love this strategy on spreading the gospel with intentionality.

Please do not hear what I am not saying; my business is not the gospel. However, I think I can take Summit's strategy and apply it to my business, my city, and my community. 

You are probably wondering where I am going with this.

Okay, so, I am a Real Estate Agent in Greenville, SC. 

Big deal, right? I am just one of thousands of agents in Greenville.

How can I stand out? How do I make a difference? How do I be different? How can I touch my community? And I do not mean touch in a sales pitch way. I mean that I want to touch the lives of my audience. 

I want to know how I can make the cogs in their minds turn. For starters, I have to get away from the term "real estate agent." More than that, I need to get away from the negative connotation that it holds. I have to create and present a message that  stirs up the desire of my audience to listen to my message, whether they agree with it or not. 

I have been binge listening to Ryan Fletcher recently. For those who may not know, he has a podcast called "Agent Marketing Syndicate: Broken Industry." While I do not agree with everything he says, he has absolutely opened my eyes on how I have run my business with sales training and methodology. 

What if I changed the way I obtained business? What if I did it by establishing relationships and permeating them? What if I created blogs, podcasts, videos, with content which was valuable and relatable to my geography? What if I sat down and had coffee and interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs and learned from them? What if I sent them business without expecting any in return? That's called being a go-giver.

What if instead of prospecting for three hours a day I read, researched, and wrote content for three hours a day? No more cold calls, no more door-knocking, no more "public-begging". 

It will take practice. It will be hard. It may even be harder to come by business that way. But I think in the long run, I will enjoy 3 hours of reading, writing, producing content. This is what I will find fulfilling. This is what I will find rewarding. 

These are all ideas and mindsets that Ryan has influenced me with. Like I said, I do not agree with all of his ideals, but his message has widened my vision, as I have only really seen one side of the coin so far in my real estate career at Keller Williams. 

To my fellow Realtors in the industry that I consider friends, and I know many who are great at what they do: this does not mean that I think you are an awful person for prospecting. I still am very appreciative for the family-like culture at KW and the encouragement I have received here. I am not leaving. But I will be changing my business methods. 

To my few readers now, thank you for taking the time to read this and for following me. I hope you enjoy my content that will be released in the future. Some of it will be real estate related, but a good proportion of it will not be. I hope you find it valuable. I hope you find it worth your time. My desire is to touch lives and tell stories. I hope to craft a message about what I stand for and believe in (in every category).  Also, I want feedback; good and bad. 

This is my platform I am building for myself. 

I am not just a real estate agent. 

I am an entrepreneur.

This is the new me.