Full Service Social Media Management

Best for full-time investors who are looking to start and/or build their brand and grow their business.

  • Ongoing monthly service

  • 12 Instagram and 12 Facebook posts per month

  • It's Greenville manages investor's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  • Includes commenting, liking, and engaging with followers/audience

  • Focus on growing account following and getting maximum post engagement

  • If no account, set-up of accounts is included

  • Monthly Instagram story feature on It’s Greenville’s Instagram and Facebook. This puts your property in front of over 2,500 potential buyers!

Single Flip Social Media Management

Best for investors who manage their own social media but need to free up some time.

  • One time service with a focus on a single designated flip property

  • 12 Instagram or Facebook posts during flip process

  • Property will receive up to 4 separate visits to project for pictures

  • It's Greenville manages investor's Instagram or Facebook for the duration of the flip

  • Each visit will occur at a different stage of the property’s renovation, showcasing the different stages of renovation.

  • Investor must keep It's Greenville posted on progress so that visits occur at opportune times.


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