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Background - THe Before

Woodside Cotton Mill Village Historic District is a national historic district located in Greenville County. It's centered on a mill founded by John T. Woodside in 1902. Eventually, the mill became the largest cotton mill under one roof in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Today the village contains hundreds of surviving mill houses. 

Recently, Greenville news released an article stating that the city has annexed the 17-acre property at the northern edge of the Village of West Greenville contingent on approval of the development's overall outline for redevelopment. The plan is to turn the main portion of the mill into 302 loft-style apartments with the goal of having them available by the end of 2019. There will also be space outfitted for retail and commercial use as well.

These kind of exciting developments bode well for homes such as this one. Exciting things are happening all around the mills in west Greenville.

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