Tick Tock Concierge - Saving Your Valuable Time

                                 No, seriously. 

                                No, seriously. 

Time is flying. It's already almost July. In my mind, that means it's basically almost Christmas time. It'll be here before you know it. Maybe it'll be here before some want it to be. I'm not wrong, and you know it. 

Maybe it's just me, but it seems that life has been going at light-speed since I got married. I'm working hard on my own business, and at the same time I'm enjoying a life that I've never experienced before. A recipe for time flying. 

 I doubt that it is just me, because we live in a very fast paced world. Fast food. Snapchat. High speed internet. Time is a very valuable commodity and there seems to be a dangerous shortage. 

This is probably to a fault of our own, but that's a different issue.

                                 Kara Candler

                                Kara Candler

Kara Candler realized this very early on in her entrepreneurial ventures and took advantage of it. While still in high school, Kara started her own home and pet sitting business in Asheville, North Carolina. It was incredibly successful. It was SO successful that she had employees working for her in the summer. That's quite an incredible accomplishment for a high schooler. 

As she did this, people would often ask her to do other things such as run errands, pack their suitcases, fix lamps. Seemingly outside of her job description. 

This resonated with her. It stuck, and wouldn't go away. "There's a niche for this," she thought. 

And so "Tick Tock Concierge" was born. 

Tick Tock is a full service bespoke concierge that will run you errands, pack your bags; you name it, they can make it happen. In a fast paced world, Tick Tock Concierge can help you slow things down and take things off of your plate. They can help you enjoy your family, friends, and life.

"It's so cool to be able to give people back their time, to be able to save them time so that they can do things they love... that's what makes me feel really good," Kara said. 

Kara found a well that hadn't been tapped. She runs Tick Tock Concierge not only in Asheville, but also in Charleston, South Carolina, and is now kicking down the doors into Greenville.

If you thought that this was only for the wealthier folks, think again. 

"There's a misnomer that you have to have a lot of money to use our services, and that's not the case. Young professionals want to go out with friends at the end of the day. We're affordable," Kara said. 

For us it’s not just about getting the job done and calling it a day. It’s about building a mutually rewarding long-term relationship that you can rely on.
— Tick Tock Concierge

Time is money. Making money is taking up all your time, but you never have any time to do the things you love, then what would be a logical solution to your problem? Kara and Tick Tick Concierge would be the next step to give you the time you need! Which, if you think big picture, should GIVE you money.

Spending a little bit of money to allow yourself some more time with friends or family sounds like a no brainer to me. 

Kara is no longer pet or house sitting. She does the research for you and finds the perfect someone who'll do it for you. Kara is a time-saver, trend-setter, business owner, and an entrepreneur. 

It's almost Christmas time, remember? It may be a good idea to give Kara a call and see if she can help you finish your Christmas shopping before it's too late.

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