The 2017 Greenville Craft Beer Festival

It was a cool, overcast day at Flour Field. The line outside was filled with giddy folks of different backgrounds and from all corners of the world. As I stood in line with my dad, Bernie, and wife, Tiffany, we immediately realized we had come unprepared. The gentleman behind us had a string around his neck which had at least several dozen pretzels hanging off it. It was obviously not his first rodeo.


In my defense, it's only in the past year that I have learned to appreciate craft beer. Of course, now that I have a taste for it (understatement of the year), I knew I needed to hit up the Greenville Craft Beer Festival which was coming to town for the fifth year in a row. 


After our tickets were scanned, we were handed small tasting glass. We walked up the stairs and took in the beautiful sight of brewery tents stretching from one end of the walkway all the way to the other. Even though we got there at the beginning of the event, lines were starting to form. We decided to work our way from the back to the front!


It was incredible. 45+ different breweries from all across the country attended. Each tent had 2 or 3 taps to choose from, and they would fill my glass with the drink that intrigued me the most. Then I would be on to the next one! Of course, if I liked the brew, I would go back for seconds. Or thirds. With so many different breweries, there was a huge variety of beer styles with something for everyone. 


Of course, for the sake of responsibility, we paced ourselves. I skipped over options that perhaps didn't speak to my tastebud's interest. Flour Field had their food vendors open who provided snacks for dummies, like me, who didn't bring a pretzel necklace.


I loved how the event was structured. It allowed us to experience everything in a way we enjoyed most. We could go at whatever pace we wanted to. Sit, stand, or walk. Stay for an hour or stay the whole time. There was great live music that fit the atmosphere perfectly. 

When the Greenville Craft Beer Festival rolls around next year, it's 100% worth your money and Saturday afternoon. 


Jonathan AndersonComment