Moe's Original BBQ | Greenville's Mouthwatering BBQ Addition

Last Friday night my wife and I went on a much needed “dinner and a movie” date. I know, nothing original, but honestly it’s one of favorite kind of dates. This one was particularly memorable, and not just because Crazy Rich Asians was an absolutely fantastic movie.

Moe’s Original BBQ, Greenville’s newest player in the BBQ game, treated us to a sampling of their menu. Don’t let the word sampling fool you, we left with two to-go boxes.


We started with dessert. And drinks. Or both. This is their signature drink, the Bushwacker, an adult ice cream drink that is deliciously sweet but also packs a punch with it’s strong concoction of liquors.


Next up were nachos. BBQ nachos, of course. Homemade chips lathered in their unique Alabama style BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, pulled pork. We were getting full about one third of ways into this, and we were only just getting started.


As a self-proclaimed wing connoisseur, I can say with all of my completely real and not at all made up authority, these wings are amazing. Smoked wings are always a treat, tossed in their homemade buffalo sauce, it was very hard to share these. But it was date night, so I did. I know you’re wondering what those hush-puppy looking ball things are. They are battered pulled boudin balls, with their Alabama style BBQ sauce. These are a Moe’s Original BBQ specialty item, and were a huge hit when they won the people’s choice at Taste of the Update. These are addicting, I will warn you right now. The cornbread was like cake, collard greens made me feel like I could eat vegetables a lot easier if they were all like this. Finally, the cucumber watermelon salad was incredible refreshing and will be something I’m going to attempt to make at home before summer’s end.

bbq tray

We finally got to the main course, consisting of their smoked chicken, turkey, ribs, and pulled pork. The pork melted in my mouth, the rib meat fell off the bone without any effort whatsoever. The turkey and chicken were cooked to perfection, and I could drink the BBQ sauce they I dipped them in.


By the time we were to desert time, we were already determining we wouldn’t be getting popcorn at the movie, and almost certainly might need a gurney to get us through the door to our car we were so full. The banana pudding, and I say this un-ironically, was exactly how I remembered it being when I grew up. As a chocoholic, I would take a swimming pool full of the chocolate pudding.

In case you need any more convincing, Moe’s Original BBQ is a must visit. They are priced fairly, have fantastic friendly service, and perfectly located right next to Liability Brewing on Stone Avenue in the new Westone development . There is plenty of outdoor seating, perfect for families and their four legged friends to sit on the patio this fall.

5/5 food and experience. Check them out!

You can visit them at:

109 West Stone Avenue, Suite B
Greenville, SC 29609

For more info, called them at:


UP on the Roof | Greenville Blog Society | June Meet-Up Recap

Up on the Roof has the best views in town alongside some of the most eclectic flavor combinations that you will find. Here's a summary of the food we had the privilege of enjoying.

Brie and Grape Quesadilla
This was a huge surprise to me. I would never have thought to combine these flavors and it be palatable. They were coated with pecan pesto, and sweat pea guacamole. Out of everything I tried this was my favorite dish. I honestly want to make an attempt of this at home. I am a decent enough cook, but I'm not sure I can recreate perfect combination of flavor and texture that the kitchen concocted here. Don't let the weirdness scare you. Embrace the weirdness. It might blow you away like it did to me.

Carolina Pimento Cheese Biscuits
There's a vital piece of information missing in the name of this dish. Not only are these biscuits coated in pimento cheese -- they're topped withsweet peppers, arugula, and blue she-crab. I'm trying to come up with a term for this style. I want to call it southern-fusoin, but not sure what it's technically fused with. I do know, though, that it is finger-licking-good. As a lover of seafood, any time I get to have crab that is THIS good is a treat. 

Humpty Dumpties
These are your standard deviled eggs. Fantastic hors d'oeuvres, nothing too fancy about it, but they're darn tasty.

Garlic Soy Fried Chicken
As a carnivore, this was my main course. I probably had way more than my fair share. I'm not even sorry. Each bite was a sucker punch of flavor. There was a bit of a kick, but not enough to deter those with more sensitive pallets. They're served with a delicious homemade cheese-herb ranch to take whatever edge there may be off. This will most likely be my go-to order next time. 

As we finished up we were treated to yet another fantastic Greenville sunset. Whether you're looking to grab a drink and mingle with your friends and family, or if you're there for the dinner and view, you'll enjoy Up on the Roof immensely. It is an entirely unique experience, with very reasonable prices for the location and atmosphere. It's truly an experience that engages almost all of your senses! 

Be sure to check out the events they have coming up. If can you get there in time the Solar Eclipse party will be a MUST do! 

If you haven't been sold yet, here are a few shots from the evening...