Climbing the Startup Mountain - TigerGrafiks

You've probably caught on to the purpose behind #yeahTHATgreenvilleguide by now. Every post since my launch has it's own story, but there has been an overarching plot that can be pieced together if you pay close attention. See if you can catch up!

There's an entrepreneur behind every startup. There's a story behind every entrepreneur. We each have a unique mindset that separates us from the rest of society. The desire to create something unique.  The itch to monetize a passion. 

                               Anna Kluttz

                               Anna Kluttz

I recently sat down with local entrepreneur Anna Kluttz, and we had a wonderful discussion about the difficulties and trials of escaping the startup trenches. Anna spoke with me about her passion for creativity, art, and graphic design. She is the owner of her own graphic design and marketing company, TigerGrafiks

"I'm a free spirit," Anna told me. "When I started out, I was subcontracted into projects by other firms. There are many different aspects to projects that are necessary, whether it be data entry, copy writing, or other marketing needs."

There's a lot to marketing. 

"My true love is helping business's with their  graphic design," Anna said. 

Anna graduated from Clemson in graphic communications. She used to draw and paint, but she truly loved the art of digital graphic design. 

"TigerGrafiks became an LLC back in May, and now I'm working hard to evolve and adapt so that my clients and their business can do the same. It is my goal to have my own team and be a full service team, and I can focus on my passion of graphic design."

Our conversation continued further. 

"It's been a frustrating start, but I love it. I believe that everyone should do what they love. To be successful, you have to figure out what it is that you love. I'm making a point to be involved in the community. I don't want to rely on buzzwords to make myself successful, but by my actions." 

Anna wants to step in and help businesses succeed with the what she offers. 

Philanthropy, folks. 

Don’t ever change.
— Anna Kluttz, CEO of TigerGrafiks


Jumping off the hourly pay train is a hard jump to make. There's a good possibility of breaking your legs, or your arm, or of getting a concussion. That's okay though. That train was headed nowhere fast. Anna took the plunge, and she is doing what she loves. Life is too short to do anything else. 

If you need personal branding done or a logo designed, hit up TigerGrafiks. Anna will do a fantastic job for you. 

If you're on the fence; get off of it! The entrepreneurial side may not have green grass from the vantage point of the fence, but it has a mountain with a hell of a view at the top. When you look back down, you'll realize that the green grass on the other side was turf and only a tenth of an acre lot. 

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