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My wife, Tiffany, and I recently decided that we were going to finally get serious about being healthy. So far, since we started on Monday, we have been doing fairly well. 

This is probably the fifth time we've made this resolution. So hopefully we can actually keep it up. It's hard to be consistent. I used to have a job where I was on my feet for the entire shift, so it wasn't hard at all to stay in at least decent shape. Now most of what I do is sedentary. Due to that, I have to be intentional about being active. 

On the other hand, Tiffany is a nanny for a three year old. Not so sedentary.

Going to the gym is only a quarter of the battle though, because we all know that being healthy starts in the kitchen. I know that's where Tiffany and I struggle the most. 

We both lead busy lives as do many professionals and entrepreneurs. 

                            Kevin Westwood

                            Kevin Westwood

I had the pleasure of meeting with an intelligent pair, brother and sister, who realized this and they decided to come up with a way to combat the struggle of pairing busy lives with healthy living.

Franchezka and Kevin Westwood are both originally from Bogotá, Colombia, and they have now lived in Greenville for ten years. Franchezka is a body builder and Kevin is with the National Guard, so, naturally, both of them are focused on living healthy lifestyles. 

It was from this passion, alongside of watching Greenville grow exponentially through the years, that they developed the idea to created Healthletic Meals

Kevin and Franchezka started in their house and by helping out friends and family. Now they have their own space and are looking to grow even more.

                            Franchezka Westwood

                            Franchezka Westwood

"Our dad owns his own business, and he has always encouraged and supported us to do our own thing," Kevin said.

Healthletic Meals takes the time to cook and prep a meal for you. You then have the option of picking it up or having it delivered. They allow you to pick and choose what you want and how much you want to eat. When you customize your meal, you will know exactly how many ounces you ate. You will see exactly how many calories, fats, sugars, and so on.

"The biggest challenge, or setback, we've had in starting this business was making sure we did things right. We had to get all the licenses and make sure we are following guidelines properly. Lots of curveballs. It's great though." 

You've just got to love DHEC. 

"We've watched Greenville grow so much, and has become a great city that is recognized nationwide. We see all these young entrepreneurs that are busy; we wanted to be able to help them succeed. Our goal is to help save them some time and also stay healthy. We also know there are some people are new to the healthy lifestyle, and are busy, so we want to help them stick with it, so they won't give up."

There you have it. 

How many times is "busyness" going to come up in these pieces? 

We live in a busy world. Kevin and Franchezka found their niche in a busy world and cater to the busy world. 

"We want our clients to enjoy all that Greenville has to offer without losing their healthy lifestyle. We started with friends and family, and now we have people always asking us for help. It's been very rewarding."

              "We get dirty so that you can eat clean."

              "We get dirty so that you can eat clean."

This sibling tandem works incredibly well together to create an inviting, personalized, and wonderful experience for the customer. 

Tiffany and I make are taking the leap into healthy living. I just had to tell that her that she cannot buy Nutella when we're grocery shopping. 

If you're trying to do the same and are discouraged, please know that there are people out there, like Healthletics Meals, who want to help you stay healthy and active in your busy lifestyle.

Check them out here.

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