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So Tiffany and I have completed our first two months of marriage. I've noticed that when we run into someone that we know, the conversation generally begins with questions about married life thus far.  

            Checkered Vans, Blue Converse

            Checkered Vans, Blue Converse

With that said, in case you were wondering, being married is great. It's not been near as hard as people have told us that it will be. I have people wanting to see pictures regularly, so I always have them ready on my phone. I'm incredibly proud of the colors that Tiffany picked and the fun that we had with our fashion choices. Especially our shoes. 

As a colorblind man, I'm incredibly grateful for a wife with good taste, whom I can trust to put the right colors in the right places. 

However, some brides just don't have capacity, patience, or ability to do this, especially considering everything else going on during wedding planning.

                              Morgan Brittany

                             Morgan Brittany

One of the more recent conversations I've had about weddings and marriage in general was with Morgan Brittany, owner and founder of House of Ivory, a company that provides wedding styling.

Morgan always had an interest in wedding dresses. She reminisced to me of times when she was ten years old drawing wedding dresses and designing them. She wanted to go into fashion design but ended up majoring in international business. She works as an account specialist for an apparel company and is starting House of Ivory, this allows for her to have the best of both worlds.

"House of Ivory allows me to embrace my creative side."

"The concept of a Wedding Stylist is different from the Wedding event coordinator. The coordinator usually works out the details of the actual wedding day and the timing details. 

The idea of a wedding stylist is to give an unbiased opinion to the bride. 

"I recently had a friend tell me about a bride who bought two wedding dresses. She bought the first one because her mom liked it, but she had to take it back because she just truly didn't like it. Or, for example, when family is out of town and cannot make it to go wedding dress shopping with the bride. The groom can't go with her, so I will."

Alleviating stress and removing the bridezilla are two of her main objectives. Her ultimate goal is to help a couple that is in love and to make their special day just a little bit easier. 

"I don't just help with the bride's dress. I can provide design pallets and ideas for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and whoever else the bride needs me to style. I want to help my clients have the most phenomenal experience. A wedding day is suppose to be fun!"

House of Ivory was a long brewing concept in Morgan's mind, and it has finally come to the surface this month. Her naturally creative mind couldn't let go of what she loved as a kid, nor should it have. 

"I've always had an idea in my head that I played around with. I think that's what true entrepreneurs are constantly doing. This is going to go beyond just styling."

Morgan spoke with me about several of her ideas and aspirations. There is some exciting stuff coming from her in the future. I'll let her reveal them in her own time. House of Ivory is just phase one.

There are going to be a lot of people coming to Morgan looking for help. So if your big day is coming soon head over to House of Ivory's newly launched site and check out the different packages that she has to offer. 

Hold on to your ideas and let them mature. 

You never know what the outcome will be.

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