Recreating the Adoption Process - Quiver Full Adoptions

A private adoption in the United States can cost upwards to $60,000 dollars.

Sixty. Thousand. Dollars.

That is an absolute and utter travesty.

With each post that I have here on Yeah, That Greenville Guide, I do my best to tell a story with a message. 

For this story I will be taking a little bit of a different approach.

I want you to understand what Casey and Elizabeth are doing, how they are doing it, and then go spread the word about it. Because this is important.

                 Casey Brown and Elizabeth Bordeaux

                 Casey Brown and Elizabeth Bordeaux

About three years ago Casey Brown and Elizabeth Bordeaux met due to their alike circumstances: trying to adopt. 

“We were both being quoted between 30,000-60,000. As women struggling with infertility, at times we felt like we were never going to be able to be parents.”

Elizabeth has a background in marketing, so she and her husband started their own self-designed marketing strategy. Within six months, they were self-matched with their child’s birth mom. This kept their costs significantly lower.

Casey went through an attorney and was not a self match. She and her husband ended up spending $20,000, which is still considered inexpensive, considering the average is $40,000. 

$20,000 is still a lot of money. 

“Through that process of waiting on our daughter to be born, we felt a burden to help others who were also struggling through the adoption process.”

“Before all of this we had careers that we loved. It took six months of consideration and prayer before we dropped everything to make Quiver Full a full time job. The doors kept opening as people continued to ask us for help. We were asked to speak at conferences, and our story spread.”

Casey and Elizabeth officially launched Quiver Full in January 2015.

“We have experienced the emotion of taking the first step. We know the struggles. We’ll answer your call at midnight when you want to quit. We can sit here as adoptive mom’s to encourage those who are struggling. It’s more than just being professionals. We create support groups for families struggling through the process.”

Since it’s official launch, Quiver Full has helped twenty-three children go to their forever families. The average time of campaign to start to match is one hundred and five days, and the average adoption fee was $9,000 dollars.

Quiver Full helps families self match by providing an active and affordable marketing plan in the pursuit of adoption. When the typical process of matching is two years, what Casey and Elizabeth have accomplished is incredibly impressive. 

Traditionally, attorneys outsource the family’s advertising. Normally, this looks of the adoptive family paying for a listing service on a generic website which is filled with thousands of other families looking for a match. Quiver Full’s clients get their own personalized website and profile book. These are customized by a graphic designer and sit alongside of different forms of print and social media advertising. 

This in-house marketing is what allows families to save thousands. 

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!
— Psalm 127: 4-5

Casey and Elizabeth understand first hand the hardships of the adoption process. Their purpose and mission is to be a a loving hand and voice to their clients as well as making the process as affordable as possible. 

Considering the current averages surrounding adoption, Quiver Full’s process is a much needed and fresh take on the historically expensive and convoluted process. 

“This is our mission. This isn’t a business, it was never meant to be a business.”

I was so incredibly blessed by the conversation I had with Casey and Elizabeth, and I love the heart that they have for adoption and the birth mothers. 

If you are contemplating adoption, you cannot afford to pass up a conversation with these wonderful women and hearing their story and mission for you. 

Even if you aren’t ever going to adopt, it is important that Quiver Full’s message is spread. You can help them make a difference. 

It would be well worth your time to sit down with Casey and Elizabeth and hear their powerful story and hear from their passionate hearts. 

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