Finding a Problem, Creating a Solution - Zipit Wireless

The origin of a business will always begin with a problem that hasn’t been solved. The business succeeds when the they offer a solution to that problem. 

That is precisely how local tech company Zipit Wireless came to be.  

I recently sat down with Dan Heredia, son of Ralph Heredia. Ralph founded Zipit Wireless, and Dan is his marketing manager. Dan and I dove headfirst in conversation about the core concepts of Zipit, their origins, and how they transformed into the business that they are today. 

There’s an important lesson to be learned here, so read on.

                       Ralph Heredia (left)

                       Ralph Heredia (left)

Ralph Heredia has a staunch background in technology and has been strongly associated with the tech community since the 1980’s. He originally worked with Bell Labs, parented AT&T, a place where over two thousand patents are held. Ralph was involved with the design behind some of the first laptops and has over thirteen patents attributed to him.

“There is one thing with my dad that has always fascinated me,” Dan said. “He looks at something, and then he thinks about how it could be better. Then he tinkers.”

The birth of Zipit started with a problem and developed from finding a solution. In the early 2000’s not every house had a computer and wi-fi was not everywhere. 

“My dad saw my cousins fighting over using the home’s computer and the instant-messenger. This was obviously back before everybody had cellphones and texting was still expensive.”

“I can fix that,” Ralph thought.

So he developed a wireless messenger device, and specifically intended it for the preteen market.

Zipit Wireless was born. 

This device was featured in Time Magazine in 2005, and made one of fifty best inventions of that year.

Fast forward ten years.

Verizon saw Ralph do this, and, due to his background, they asked him if they can fix a problem with communication in hospitals. So Zipit created a platform and communication system for them. This sort of power and connectivity is now used by places such as Greenville Health System and St. Francis Hospital. 

Connectivity of devices is now booming beyond measure. Even your refrigerator connects to the internet now!

Ralph spearheaded the “internet of things”  before it was actually a thing. Now Zipit helps other companies come to the market connected products. Zipit harnesses the power of the internet and connectivity to solve problems. 

Bushnell, for example, is a product they are working closely with. They have developed several products that connect to the internet and have been able to be incredibly helpful to the company and its consumers. Dan told me a story about how one of the camera products was been stolen, and Zipit has been able to help the police catch the stolen camera because of the connectivity. 

They’re also working on a product alongside of an unnamed company who wants to help doctors address medicine adherence. 

Zipit is bringing, you guessed it, connectivity to help solve this problem. 

Problem: Sometimes people forget to take their pills or perhaps they forget that they have already taken their pills. Solution: They’re developing a connected dispenser that can notify a doctor or relative if a loved one is taking their medicine incorrectly. 

An issue is solved. Time is saved. Money is saved. All thanks to connectivity. 

Connectivity between devices. Connectivity between people.

“Internet connectivity can apply to anything, and some people are understandably nervous about that. Zipit actively discusses these “Big-Brother” issues and concerns instead of burying our heads in the sand. They help ensure that the connectivity they develop is secure and safe. They consult and make sure that a plan is in place for any situation. They establish a platform that runs smoothly even after the product is in the consumer’s hands.”

Our discussion then transitioned to the business culture in Greenville; specifically regarding Young Professionals.

In Greenville, you aren’t going to find too many big name brands. Right now, we have a lot of incredibly innovative people who simply need a platform to accelerate an idea. 

“As an established business, Zipit strives to be a platform for the young professionals in Greenville.”  

You don’t have to leave to Silicon Valley, Atlanta, or Charlotte to be successful. Dan and I both agreed that it is indeed a shame that local start-ups have left. Thankfully, that mindset is dying. Individuals are grasping what it means to incubate companies so they don’t feel like they have to leave. 

“It’s exciting to see where Greenville start-ups can go. If you start something here, you have the ability to make waves on a national scale. I want people to know that there are plenty of established people who can assist the young professionals and give them the boost that they need. That’s the rising tide that you talked about in your Bandwagon article.”

Foster creation and development. Be a business that connects people and feeds into the community.  

I asked Dan if he could share with the world what he has learned in his career and from watching his Dad’s impressive path. 

His response encouraged and cemented my constantly developing mentality of business in general.

“It’s very hard to start your own business. I’ve seen my dad go through the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. To succeed you have to have some sort of passion behind what you are doing. If you don’t have that heart, people are going to see through it, at best. At worst, you won’t ever do what it takes.”

Technology can bring huge possibilities to any industry. It impacts everybody and makes a huge difference in everybody’s lives. 

Connections matter. You need to show your passion for something, and if you really can communicate that passion, especially in Greenville, you will see people supporting you. 

Everybody wants to see people succeed. 

Connections matter, but only when you are really pursuing a passion and communicating that passion. If you can do that, people will get behind you and support you. 

People will naturally latch on to those who have a vision. 

What is your solution?

What is your vision? 

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