Embracing Your Talents - Candace Owens Events

Since I first started this blog, I’ve come across amazing people with amazing ideas. One of my goals is to encourage, spread ideas, and further the entrepreneurial mindset that Greenville is cultivating. 

 I hope the stories told thus far have been beneficial to my readers. I have the privilege of speaking firsthand with amazing entrepreneurs and then writing about them. Because of that this venture has been incredibly eyeopening for me. I have gained so much perspective from the conversations I’ve had with some of Greenville’s brightest minds.

The most recent conversation I had was with Greenville’s newest startup, Candace Owens Events. Candace has one of the most creative minds you’ll ever come across. There aren’t many people I know who can conceive the ideas that she does.

                        Candace and her Daughter

                        Candace and her Daughter

Candace Owens Events specializes in children’s birthday parties. Candace will create an unforgettable party for your little ones. There’s so much more to her events than buying a Frozen party pack from Walmart or spending the money to rent a room out at Frankie’s Fun Park. 

Candace creates her own decorations by hand, and she will fine-tune details that the average working parent wouldn’t have the time, energy, or ability to do.  

“Seeing the look on their face makes all the hard work and effort worth it,” Candace told me. 

The different and unique parties that she has thrown for her daughter and others are incredibly impressive. For example, she told me of the time that she threw a “Pink Lemonade Party” for her daughter. She went so far as to make her own wooden lemonade stands. It was adorable.

When I worked at Marble Slab, we would often have different events and parties held in our loft upstairs. If I had a dollar for every Frozen party that was thrown, I would be a wealthy man. I’ve seen a lot. 

When Candace showed me pictures of the Frozen party she crafted, I was jealous that I missed it.


“I’m not limited to children birthday parties though. I’ve thrown going away parties, baby showers, sweet 16s, and even 21st birthdays. I simply love throwing children parties, and that’s what I specialize in.”

If you can dream it, I can do it.
— Candace Owens Events

Candace had family, friends, and coworkers encouraging her to take her talents and turn them into a business. It took some convincing and some complications, but she finally took the plunge into the startup world.

If you have a talent, which you do, then you can use it. You can use it to monetize yourself, and, more importantly, use it to put a smile on faces. 

If you have party or event needs, contact Candace! She will bring it to vivid life. 

Check out Candace Owens Events on Facebook and on Instagram.